Country: Burundi
Region: Kayanza
Producer: Yandaro CWS
Processing Method: Washed
Varietal: 100% Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1818 MASL
Roast Profile: Medium Light, Suitable for Filter, Soft Brew

Tasting Notes

Crisp juicy acidity with medium body. Flavors of grapefruit marmalade, brown sugar and black tea.

About This Coffee

The Kayanza province is in the northern part of Burundi, close to the border of Rwanda, located at an altitude of more than 1800m. Kayanza has the reputation of being one of the best coffee producing regions in Burundi. It is also known for being the water source of the Nile River. We have 8 washing stations in Kayanza that produce our high quality specialty coffee.  All the farmers we collect cherries from in Kayanza are registered with our washing stations. Each registered farmer is organised into a group of 30 which is headed by a lead farmer, who acts as a spokesperson to facilitate communication and organisation with the washing station. Due to Kayanza's high altitude, the coffee that is grown here has a high level of acidity that is mixed with a fruity-sweetness. It has good body together with a long and very sweet aftertaste. Generally, this coffee has tropical fruit characteristics (such as lemon, cherry and orange) and slightly sweet chocolate flavours. 

The Yandaro Washing Station was built in 1986 in the Kabarore Commune in the Kayanza province. It lies at an altitude of 1,774m. Farmers used to bring their herds of cows to the river in this area to wash them. It would usually take a couple of days to wash all the animals, which is why they built bee-hive shaped houses close to the river to sleep in. These houses are called indaro in Kirundi, which means "lodging" and is where the name 'Yandaro' comes from.This washing station collects cherries from over 3,000 local coffee farmers spread over the 22 neighbouring collines. During the harvest season, Yandaro processes more than 1,200 tons of coffee. In the cup, this subtle coffee reveals a complex blend of chocolate, brown sugar, bright acidity with a floral citrus finish.