Farm: El Recuerdo
Country: Colombia
Region: Huila

Location Map

Carlos Guamanga is at the forefront of a progressive movement currently being spearheaded by a group of young Colombian coffee producers. A Cup of Excellence winner in 2007, his farm, El Recuerdo, located 45 minutes north of Pitalito, stretches over hectares of often near vertical slopes upon which is cultivated a range of Castillo, Caturra and Colombia varietals.
Due to the altitude of the farm Carlos has very limited access to water, as such he seldom floats his coffee to sort under ripe cherry. He instead relies on strict picking practices to ensure his coffee is at the optimum ripeness before pulping. He processes his coffee in the cool late afternoon to avoid any premature fermentation in the cherry and recycles his pulp to use as fertiliser for his trees. Innovative processing techniques and an exceptional standard of picking and cherry selection result in a bright, complex fruity cup that highlights the unique terroir of Huila.