Producer: Gabriel Castano
Country: Colombia
Region: San Adolfo, Huila
Altitude: 2100 M.A.S.L.
Processing Method: 28 hour dry fermentation, sundried
Varietal: 100% Pink Bourbon - RARE
Roast Profile: Filter

Tasting Notes

Raspberry, Rhubarb Crumble, Orange Blossom

About This Coffee

The story of this coffee is quiet interesting. It all started with Rodrigo Sanchez, a producer from the municipality of Palestina. Rodrigo organizes the producers from Palestina and other municipalities to bring their coffee to market. One day he got the chance to cup the Pink Bourbon, and he was amazed with the cupping results. At that time, he was one of the only people who knew about the odd tree, and locally began to conduct research to find out where this coffee was coming from, and which producers had it, which led to a man named Evelio Artunduga.

Don Evelio has a farm located in San Adolfo region at 1860 meters. In his farm he has Caturra, Colombia, and Pink Bourbon. He knew  that the variety has more resistance to coffee leaf rust disease, has a good amount of yield, and doesn’t require too much fertilizer. The pink bourbon didnt originate with him however, he got his seeds from Edgar Motta, another producer.

Edgar Motta is the owner of a beautiful 80-hectare farm, with 50 hectares planted with coffee. He has Caturra, Bourbon, and Pink Bourbon. Again it did not originate on his farm, however he knew where it had originated. He got the original seeds from Gabriel Castaño, another producer. 

Gabriel Castaño and his farm Finca La Granada are located in San Adolfo in Huila, one of Colombias most recognised growing regions. 
This particular lot of Pink Bourbon has been carefully hand picked in order to use only the ripest cherries.
It has then been dry fermented for 28 hours before being sundried on raised african beds.

This lot was sourced for us by our friends at Cofinet.