Country: Rwanda
Producer: Bumbogo CWS (Co-op)
Region: Gakenke
Processing Method: Natural
Varietal: 100% Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Roast Profile: Light, Suitable for Filter, Soft brew

Tasting Notes

Apricot  Milk Chocolate  Strawberry  

About This Coffee

Rwanda is gifted with incredible climatic, fertile and geographical topographies consequently making this small nation of ours ideal for producing top quality specialty coffees. Rwanda receives an abundance of rain fall and equally sun, too. The rich volcanic nutrient packed soils, rolling hills and high altitudes all compound to give Rwanda coffees the unique floral notes and excellent acidity that we are all in love with.
Bumbogo coffee washing station (CWS) is owned by our close partners Neza Trading Company and is located in the Gakenke District, Northern region of Rwanda.

The Gakenke District is a world-renowned area when it comes to producing top specialty coffee from Rwanda. Numerous stations have placed in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence over the years from this district. Bumbogo is the newest CWS in the Gakenke District and is only an hour’s drive away from the capital city Kigali. 

Bumbogo’s growth has been phenomenal since it started in 2017. The Bumbogo family have more than doubled its production from the first year in 2018 by building an extra 106 new African drying beds, bringing the grand total to 203 drying beds. 

Bumbogo produces washed, honey and natural processed coffees, but this season we have selected the natural process to offer to our customers.
The coffee beans are dried with the cherry and pulp still on the beans. When done carefully, the coffee takes on some of the fruit characteristics of the fruit. It gives the coffee a berry like sweetness, a creamy full body and delicate cocoa notes.