Producer: Carlos Arturo
Country: Colombia
Region: Circasia, Quindio
Altitude: 1850 MASL
Processing Method: Natural Process
Varietal: Typica

Tasting Notes

Cherry Cola  Turkish Delight  Strawberry  Papaya

About This Coffee

Our first specialty lot we ever purchased was 5 years ago from Carlos Arturo, at his farm La Floresta in Colombia.

We were super impressed with the washed Typica varietal, and managed to buy 140kgs of Carlos'coffee. That coffee, to this day keeps us comitted to supporting small farmers, dedicated to producing great coffee and pursueing the perfect cup

This year we managed to get our hands on another coffee from Carlos; this naturally processed version of the same coffee from 5 years ago, the varietal Typica.

Carlos is meticulous in how he prepares his coffees and the results have been widely appreciated.
Carlos also op[erates his own cafe in the nearby town of Pijao and is one of the few farmers who gets to taste and prepare his own coffees, as most growersexport their top coffees without ever being able to taste the quality of the beans they have produced.