Country: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia, Uraga
Processing Method: Washed
Altitude: 2100 - 2310 MASL
Varietal: Bourbon

Tasting Notes

Lemon, Berries, Stonefruit, White tea

About This Coffee

We have two different lots of the Ethiopian Arsosala Guji available; the natural processed and the washed.  

For the natural processing method, the intact coffee cherries (i.e., the fruit from which the seeds are taken) are dried by the sun, typically on patios or raised beds. It’s only after the cherry has been sufficiently dried that the seed is removed. With the cherry and mucilage still intact, this process imparts unique qualities onto the seed. When done well, this processing method can yield incredible, fruit-forward coffees with lower acidity and juicy sweetness.

Unlike the natural processed coffee, the washed process involves the removal of the cherry and mucilage surrounding the seed, and then submerging the seeds in water where a fermentation process removes the remaining flesh. After fermentation the seeds are washed again with water before drying (in a similar fashion as natural process on raised beds or patios). Compared to natural processed coffees, washed processed coffee typically result is a more complex profile and cleaner cup.