Producer: Jairo Arcila, Finca Castellon
Country: Colombia
Region: Circasia, Quindio
Altitude: 1600 -1650 MASL
Processing Method: Natural Process
Varietal: Gesha

Tasting Notes

Floral  Passionfruit  Strawberry  Mango Tea  Pineapple

About This Coffee

This coffee is grown by Jairo Arcila with assistance from the Cofinet team at Finca Castellon. Up until recently, Jairo had only focused on producing commercial coffees in volume. After some persistent persuasion from his son, Felipe, he decided to try his hand at growing Gesha. The results have been incredible with his coffee placing highly in last seasons Cup of Excellence Competition.

This coffee was carefully handpicked in order to use only the ripest cherries and natural processed by Cofinet at La Pradera washing station.

Finca Castellon is located in Circasia, Quindio only 5 kilometres away from Armenia, which is part of the coffee triangle (the coffee triangle used to be the area with the highest coffee production in Colombia 15 year ago).

What is Gesha?

Gesha or Geisha, is a variety of coffee believed to be originated in Ethiopia, near the village and forest of Gesha. 
It is considered to produce a very aromatic and floral cup of coffee and the demand for it has grown in recent years.

Originlly it was imported from Costa Rica to Panama in the Boquete Region. It gained prominence and popularity in 2004, when a farm called Hacienda La Esmeralda entered the Best of Panama coffee competition with a lot of Geisha that proved to be very unusual and distinct, attracting a record price of $21 USD/per pound. 
The latest accomplishment by Panama Geisha coffee occurred at the Best of Panama auction in 2019, where a lot of Geisha coffee, produced by "The Lamastus Family Estates," sold for $1029 USD/per pound (unroasted). Referred to later as "Elida Natural Geisha 1029," it has been sold in different coffee shops all around the world for prices ranging from $100 to over $100 a cup, which is around $2522/ per pound roasted; making it the most expensive coffee in the world.