Country: Rwanda
Producer: Rugali CWS (co-op)
Processing Method: Honey
Region: Nyamasheke
Varietal: 100% Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Roast Profile: Light, Suitable for Filter, Soft brew

Tasting Notes

Blackberry   Earl Grey Tea  Golden Syrup

About This Coffee

Rwanda is gifted with incredible climatic, fertile and geographical topographies consequently making this small nation of ours ideal for producing top quality specialty coffees. Rwanda receives an abundance of rain fall and equally sun, too. The rich volcanic nutrient packed soils, rolling hills and high altitudes all compound to give Rwanda coffees the unique floral notes and excellent acidity that we are all in love with.

The Rugali Coffee Washing Station is located at the shores of Lake Kivu and is surrounded by the thousand hills of Rwanda.

Rugali in its short existence has gone from being a small CWS to one of the most respected and impactful in its community. This comes down to the tireless efforts of the Rugali families.

Coffees from this station has been used in multiple national and international barista competitions. Rugali along with little sister Kilimbi were the first stations in Rwanda history to produce and export Natural and Honey processed coffee legally. This has now paved the way for other coffee producers in Rwanda!

This particular lot from Rugali is Honey Processed; meaning the skin of the coffee cherry is removed and the pulp is left to partially dry on the bean. This process gives a really interesting sweetness to the coffee and enhances some really delicoius fruit notes