Country: Colombia
Region: Balboa, Cauca
Altitude: 1700 - 1750 MASL
Processing Method: Washed
Varietal: Castillo
Roast Profile: Light, Suitable for Filter, Soft brew

Tasting Notes

Red Apple  Lime  Butterscotch  Chocolate

About This Coffee

Produced by William Zuniga and his family at Finca La Estacion. William spent his childhood in Balboa, Cauca before moving to Popayan where he lived and worked until he was 45 years old. He used to work as a bus driver and would travel drive the route between Popayan and Cali for 10 years.
Roughly 10 years ago he moved back to Balboa. He started growing coffee and had struggled the first years with the low prices farmers were getting for their crops.
William heard Cofinet (our Colombian coffee partners) were paying premiums for well processed washed coffees while educating and incentiving producers. With some directon, help and clear guidelines, William sold his first lot af specialty grade microlot coffee to Cofinet and was able to receive a much better price than what he'd ever previously recieved.